How and Why You Should Balance Your Hormones Naturally

How and Why You Should Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Typically, unless you’re pregnant or you’ve spoken to a medical professional, we don’t really pay much attention to our hormones. If you’re committed to a healthy, active lifestyle, chances are you’re focused on either your diet or activity, more so than your hormones.

But the reality is, our hormones play a massive role in how we think and feel. And regardless of whether you have a hormone imbalance or not, we should consider the impact of our lifestyle and how it can impact our ability to enjoy life.

It’s worth noting that if you think you have a hormone imbalance, first understand the signs, then consult a medical professional.

Unless your medical professional has recommended chemical medication, try to stay away from it and treat your body with natural remedies.

To treat your body the right way, and to ensure you’re practicing a healthy lifestyle, here’s what you should do to balance out your hormones.

Choose Healthy Fats Instead of Carbs

In order to create hormones, it’s necessary for your body to consume fats like saturated and cholesterol. These fats are healthy fats and are essential in your hormone production.

Instead of eating foods that are made up of refined carbohydrates, try including the following into your diet.

Eat More Adaptogen Herbs

Plain and simple, Adaptogen herbs are herbs that are terrific for hormone balance and improving your health. By consuming more Adaptogen herbs, you can improve thyroid function, lower cholesterol, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce brain cell degeneration, stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels, and support adrenal gland functions.

Try incorporating the following herbs into your diet:

  • Ginseng
  • Holy basil
  • Ashwagandha
  • Astragalus root
  • Licorice root
  • Rhodiola
  • Cordyceps mushrooms

Meditate to Resolve Emotional Imbalances

Reduce stress naturally by practicing some form of meditation or reflection. Simply by finding 5-10 minutes a day in a quiet area so that you can think without distractions can reduce stress considerably. Whether you prefer prayer, meditation, or even acupuncture, this is an amazing way to resolve any emotional imbalance.

Actively Use Essential Oils

By consuming processed foods, alcohol, and chemical medications, you’re filling your body with damaging toxins. Eliminate this bad behaviour, and try adding more essential oils to your diet, and wellbeing.

Read my Guide to Aromatherapy blog post for some recommended essential oils.

Try Supplements to Address Dietary Shortcomings

If you find your diet is not delivering the vitamins and nutrients you need to stay healthy, first consider altering your diet. But in the meantime, consider supplementing your diet with the following to ensure your hormones are balanced naturally.

  • Omega-6: Helps relieve premenstrual and PCOS symptoms, and terrific for women trying to conceive.
  • Vitamin D: If the days are getting shorter, then you may not be getting the sunshine you need.
  • Bone Broth: Improves the digestive system, which then helps supply the body with nutrients.
  • Probiotics: They help repair gut lining, which then makes it easier to digest essential nutrients.

Try to Get More Sleep

In case you didn’t know, some hormones (like Cortisol) have their own schedule. Which is why consistently getting the right amount of sleep can make you feel less stressed and overall healthier.

Whether you have a hormonal imbalance or not, balancing out your hormones naturally is simply a great way to feel amazing, and live a long, healthy life.

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