Dry Shampoo Guide: Application and Benefits

Dry Shampoo Guide: Application and Benefits

I absolutely adore dry shampoos. They work wonders for volumizing, scenting and lightening the colour of your hair. But after speaking with a number of people who had never heard of dry shampoo, I HAD to shed some light on the topic.

How does dry shampoo work?

Dry shampoo includes simple ingredients like cornstarch and in some cases alcohol. The starch and alcohol in dry shampoo soaks up excess oil and grease, relieving you of flat oily looking hair. It can be as simple as sprinkling in some baby powder into your hair or brushing in some dry shampoo spray. Remember to massage it into and throughout your hair to avoid clumping.

What does dry shampoo do?

If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself in a rush most mornings with limited time to wash and style your hair. Well, a simple message of some dry shampoo will give your hair a great shine and make it look brand new. It’s also convenient enough for you to carry with you and use it on the go or at work. If you have somewhere to go after the gym, apply a little dry shampoo to hide the sweat and keep your hair looking fresh.

It’s also a great product if your hair is looking flat and dull on any particular day. All you have to do is massage in the dry shampoo to re-energize your hair. It’s a great solution for flat hair because it volumizes it, giving it some texture and making it look like new. Because of the extra volume, you can even use to make your hair easier to style on any given morning if it’s not behaving the way you want it to

Dry shampoo is also great to use between washes if your hair becomes a bit oily or dirty.  Just a little bit can go along way to feeling clean and fresh and will actually make your hairstyle last longer throughout the day.

What are some benefits of dry shampoo?

Aside from everything it can do for you, a big plus to dry shampoo is its lack of chemicals and simple ingredients. The hair care industry is pushing away from oil stripping, chemical filled shampoos and looking to go a more natural, healthier option and in some cases, dry shampoo is the preferable option.

What are some downsides of using dry shampoo?

If used too much, dry shampoos can dry out your hair making it brittle and fragile, and no one wants a head full of broken hairs! It certainly takes a balance and I would recommend using it in cases where showering isn’t an option. Dry shampoo shouldn’t replace wet shampoos. It’s a quick fix and a temporary one and will not replace your wet shampoos.

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