Health and Wellness Holiday Shopping Guide

Health and Wellness Holiday Shopping Guide

No doubt you’ve been searching for the perfect gift this holiday season because I have too. While I’ve been writing down what to get my friends and family for the holidays, I thought I would share with you my health and wellness holiday shopping guide so you can spread the gifts of happiness and well-being this holiday season. So here’s how I’m making sure that body and mind is at the forefront of my holiday shopping this year:

1. Blue Tea

blue tea

To celebrate the red and white, I’m suggesting some Blue Tea this year. While being a delicious alternative to coffee, blue tea also has a host of benefits that make it the perfect gift this holiday. You can expect everything from weight loss and reducing cholesterol to being a fabulous anti-oxidant. It’ll make the perfect gift for the tea drinker or gym goer in your family.

2. Rejuvenating Facial Oil

rejuvenating oil

Santa Claus maybe 1,747 years old (according to Google) but he doesn’t have to look like it. That’s why I’m suggesting Rejuvenating Facial Oil this Holiday Season. Give the gift of glowing skin with this oil’s blend of essential oils and coconut oil. This is the perfect gift for the skin-care nut in your group of friends and I’m sure a must have for Misses Claus.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

aroma 1 diffuser

When we think of the holiday season we often think of snow, bright lights and most certainly the aromas. That’s why the Aroma1 Diffuser and Humidifier is on my list of must-haves this holiday season. Give the gift that keeps on giving you air scented hydration for rejuvenation. It’s a perfect gift for health, body, and mind this holiday season.

4. Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

glisten up activated charcoal teeth whitening powder teeth whitening

While a lump of coal is never fun to find in your stocking, this lump of charcoal could be the gift they’ve been craving this holiday season. Glisten Up – Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder provides a whiter, brighter smile like the first snowfall of December. It also provides a cleaner feeling throughout the day.

5. Ideal Lean Protein Powder

ideal protein chocolate brownie protein shake powder

Enjoy your fill of chocolate this holiday season without all the consequences! IdealLean Protein-Chocolate Brownie is a protein shake made for you.  Avoid the shakes loaded with sugar and calories this holiday season and enjoy a deliciously smooth protein shake and fuel your body right!

6. H-Glow’s Essential Oils

glow 33 oil

Often during the holidays, we’re treated to a spectacle of lights as people decorate their homes in all the different glowing colours of the season. An essential gift for this holiday season is H-Glow’s essential oils. When it comes to Health and Wellness this holiday shopping this season, give a gift that glows with an all natural oil that won’t just have them just looking younger, but feeling younger too.

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