1 Day Jus Cleanse


Overview: Our 1 DAY JUS CLEANSE is a quick and easy way to refresh your body or to dip your toes into the cleansing experience. We’ve designed the smoothies in this cleanse to provide you with plenty of nutrients and fiber, which helps your body naturally detoxify. Each smoothie bottle is assigned a number (1-6) to let you know the proper order to drink them in.

6 Smoothies: 16 fl oz each

You will receive an assortment of these drinks:  
1 – Sweet Spin
2 – Spicy Lemonade / Spicy Pomegranate
3 – Raw Green Protein
4 – Chia Berry
5 – Choco-nana / PB and JUS / Matcha Chia
6 – X-treme Greens
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Care Instructions

Cleanses, Smoothies & Booster Shots
*You should plan to start your cleanse no later than the day after your delivery date

· Refrigerate immediately
· Lasts up to 4 days refrigerated
· Can be frozen for up to 3 weeks

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