21 Day Detox Classic


21 Day Detox Classic an organic detox cleanse program for those looking to lose weight and adopt healthier eating habits. Transform the way you look and feel in 21 days!

Products Included

Days 1-2, 6-14, 18-21 (Healthy Routine): Green Drink (16oz), Cinnamon ShakeChef V Meal Planner for lunch and dinner.

Days 3-5, 15-17 (Cleanse): Green Drink (4x 16oz), Cinnamon Shake (2 pack), Detox Soup (16oz).

Product Description

Our 21 Day Detox Classic is designed for people who have some experience doing an organic detox program, and are interested in losing weight and adopting healthier eating habits for the long run!

This is not a starvation diet designed merely to help you lose weight. Other 21 day programs that claim to detox your body may indeed help you lose weight, but it’s mostly water weight you’ll lose. And, many 21 day detox programs dangerously deprive you of essential nutrients.

But Chef V’s 21 Day Detox program is different. The Classic program, our intermediate level 21 day organic detox, will give you the nutrients and delicious satisfaction you’ll need to easily succeed. Some of our customers report having lost 35 in just 21 Days.

This 21 day organic detox cleanse makes it easy to detox your body and lose weight with complete step-by-step instructions and support from a live Chef V Health Coach to ensure you’ll not only reach or exceed your weight-loss, but also feel energetically magnificent. You’ll transform the way you look and feel in just 21 days!

Our 21 Day Detox provides you with all three macronutrients—protein, carbs, healthy fats—and is loaded with powerful antioxidants. Although you may consume less calories than you usually do, you won’t feel deprived because Chef V’s green drinks, protein shakes, and detox soups are incredibly nutrient dense and satiating.

Chef V makes it incredibly easy for you to follow a 21 Day Detox program. Delicious green drinks, protein shakes and detox soups delivered fresh to your front door!

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How Does It Work

21 Day Detox Classic Schedule:

Days 1-2: Healthy Routine

Days 3-5: 3 Day Cleanse

Days 6-14: Healthy Routine

Days 15-17: 3 Day Cleanse

Days 18-21: Healthy Routine

Each day during Healthy Routine days, you’ll get a 16oz Green Drink and Protein Shake, then choose your lunch, snack and dinner from Chef V’s Meal Planner, which contains delicious recipes, helpful tips and more. With our convenient weekly deliveries and delicious meal planner, healthy living is finally a real option for everyone.  

The 3 Day Cleanse you’ll follow twice on the 21 Day Detox Classic schedule is designed to give your body the best chance to lose weight and detox and cleanse all those unhealthy toxins that have built up over time. Each day during the 3 Day Cleanse, you’ll get 4x 16 oz Green Drinks, 2 Protein Shakes and a Detox Soup.

To help get the most out of your 21 Day Detox Classic, and to give you more tools to maintain your new healthy habits for years to come, we will send you a free digital copy of Chef V’s new recipe book, “Making Cleansing Easier,” which contains hundreds of ideas for creating healthier and cleansing meals for you and your family.

Chef V makes it incredibly easy for you to follow a 21 Day Detox program. Delicious green drinks, protein shakes and detox soups delivered fresh to your front door!

Here’s what Chef V has to say about the 21 Day Detox Classic: “Experience powerful detoxifying effects with cleanses in weeks one and three. Healthy Routine days make up the remainder of your schedule to reinforce those new healthy habits.”

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