5 Day Jus Cleanse


Overview: Our 5 DAY JUS CLEANSE is built to provide your body with enough nutrients, vitamins & minerals to detox for five days straight. You’ll have a balance of green drinks and heartier smoothies, all made with whole fruits and vegetables. Each smoothie bottle is assigned a number (#1-#6) to let you know the proper order to drink them in.

30 Smoothies: 16 fl oz each

You will receive an assortment of these JUSes:  
1 – Sweet Spin
2 – Spicy Lemonade / Spicy Pomegranate
3 – Raw Green Protein
4 – Chia Berry
5 – Choco-nana / PB and JUS / Matcha Chia
6 – X-treme Greens
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Care Instructions

Cleanses, Smoothies & Booster Shots
*You should plan to start your cleanse no later than the day after your delivery date

· Refrigerate immediately
· Lasts up to 4 days refrigerated
· Can be frozen for up to 3 weeks

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