7 Day Cleanse


7 Day Cleanse is our personal trainer’s favorite organic 7 day juice cleanse delivery. The best organic juice cleanse to lose weight, gain energy and detox vital organs. Organic Juices, Protein Shakes and Detox Soups delivered to your front door fresh.

Products Included:

Each day enjoy: Green Drink (4x 16oz), Cinnamon Shake (2 pack), Detox Soup (16oz).

Bonus: Chef V Shaker Cup, easy to follow instructions, live support.

Product Description

If you’re going to do a 7 day cleanse, it better be not only effective – both short and long term – but also enjoyable. Life’s too short to punish yourself and deny your body one of the greatest single pleasures on Earth: food.

Yes, it’s possible that a 7 Day Cleanse can help you lose weight, detox your body all the while not making you feel insanely deprived. That’s the genius of Chef V’s 7 Day Cleanse. It’s no wonder that this has been called by several people (see our testimonials) “the best organic juice cleanse.” When you follow Chef V’s super easy pre-cleanse stick to the satisfying meal plan (outlined below).

Now here’s where Chef V’s 7 Day Cleanse is better for you in the long run than other 7 day detoxes, organic juice cleanses, or other temporary lose weight fast programs….

Our delicious Organic Green Drinks, Protein Shakes and Detox Soups, all delivered fresh to your front door, make sticking to the 7 day detox program a breeze. It’ll set you up for sustainable, long-term health eating habits.

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How Does It Work

How does Chef V’s 7 Day Cleanse work?

On each day of your 7 Day Cleanse, you get to enjoy:

4 Juices – Four 16 oz Green Drinks per day to improve digestion and increase metabolism. Cleanse vital organs and rid harmful toxins from the body without the discomfort of other juice cleanses. Our organic green drinks are cold-blended to preserve nutrient density and consist of 7 certified organic green veggies: green kale, black kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, green chard, curly parsley and green leaf lettuce; sweetened with a little apple to satisfy your taste buds.

2 Protein Shakes – Two 16 oz Protein Shakes per day to maintain muscle and keep you going strong all day. Stay satisfied throughout the day on this organic juice detox with this raw, whole food protein shake made with sprouted brown rice protein. Each serving contains an abundance of invigorating nutrients, including all nine essential amino acids, that rejuvenate the body.

1 Detox Soup – One 16 oz “SOUPer Detox” to end each day with a warm, delicious meal that flushes your vital organs and leaves you satisfied. A flavorful soup packed with local, organic ingredients that may help detoxify your body.

7 Day Cleanse comes with easy to follow directions that include pre- and post-cleanse recipes specifically formulated to help you ease into and out of your organic detox. Plus, your very own Chef V Shaker Cup to measure Green Drinks, Protein Shakes, and water consumption.

Our 7 Day Cleanse is the best organic juice cleanse to give your body the chance to:

  • Improve digestive function and speed up your metabolism for immediate and lasting weight loss results.
  • Eliminate harmful toxins built up and stored in your body’s fat cells allows you to feel new again.
  • Enjoy deeper sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and bursting with natural energy.
  • Burn fat, gain energy, boost your immune system, think clearer, sleep better and relieve stress.

Say goodbye to totally unsatisfying, nutrient-depriving 7 day cleanses and detoxes that set you up for long-term failure. Chef V makes it easy for you to follow a safe and effective 7 Day Cleanse by delivering these balanced, incredibly-satisfying green drinks, protein shakes and detox soups fresh to your door.

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