Tare Digital Kitchen Scale


A kitchen scale is one of those appliances that you never think you need until you have one, but the Tare Digital Kitchen Scale is the appliance you won’t know how you cooked without once you’ve tried it.

Accurately measure food on this compact and sleek scale thanks to the Tare function, which enables the scale to weigh your food or ingredients minus the container holding it. Whether you’re on a diet, prepping weekly meals, using precise measurements for baking, or just enjoy cooking at home, you’ll love working with the Tare Digital Kitchen Scale.

With just two buttons – Power/Tare and the Unit button, which allows you to toggle between grams, milliliters, liquid and dry ounces, and pounds – and an easy-to-read digital display, there’s little chance for confusion.   

Product Description

The Tare Digital Kitchen Scale is a great way to get accurate measurements for virtually any ingredient. The scale can measure in grams, milliliters, fluid ounces, and pounds & ounces—no more complicated conversions between measurement units. For those looking to lose or maintain weight, or simply eat healthier, the Tare Digital Kitchen Scale’s precise measurements and clear display make meal preparation a snap. Unlike most other kitchen devices, the Tare Digital Kitchen Scale is easy to clean up—simply wipe the surface, clean, and store.

Key Benefits:
• Suitable for chefs of all abilities
• Enables accurate measurement of all ingredients
• Measures weight in grams, milliliters, fluid ounces, and pounds & ounces
• Tare Function allows you to get the most accurate, clean measurement
• Clear measurement display for easy reading
• Smooth stainless steel surface for simple clean up
• Auto- Shutoff feature preserves battery life

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How To Use

1. Press the Power Button and then use the Unit Button to select your desired unit of measure: grams, milliliters, fluid ounces, or pounds & ounces.
2. Place your bowl, cup, or other measuring container on the scale, and then press the Tare Button to zero out the weight. This allows you to get the most accurate measurement of added ingredients, without the mess.
3. Add your ingredients to your chosen container. Measurement will read out on the screen within seconds.
4. To turn off the device, you can either press the Power Button or wait for the device to turn off using the Auto-Shutoff feature.

After using the Tare Digital Kitchen Scale, wipe the surface clean with warm water and soap, and then store it away.

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Additional Information / FAQ

Requires two AA batteries (not included)

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